Off to follow Le Tour

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Just getting ready to head off to follow Le Tour and thought it’d be worthy of a post on this here blog which is collecting lots of cobwebs.

If you’re interested in following my adventures in France check out this site (also shown to the right in the sidebar):

I won’t guarantee that it’ll be updated often but I have great ambitions to do so. Posts to the above site should show up on Facebook too.

I’ll also be posting my rides here starting on the 10th:

Well, off to the airport…

Wildflower 2009

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From wildflower 09

Another year passes and another Wildflower triathlon completed. This year I set sights on completing the long course which is a half ironman consisting of racing the following events in order:

  •     1.2 Mile Swim
  •     54 Mile Bike
  •     13.1 Mile Run

Needless to say the race was brutal.  Wildflower is considered to be one of the most difficult half ironmans due to the hilly course.  Months of training paid off as I barely met my goal of finishing the race in under 6 hours for a final time of 5:58:17.  Looking at my watch toward to end of the run I realized my goal was in sight and started running as fast as I could to the finish where Meghan, Mike, and Garret were waiting with a cold beverage in hand.

I was a bit nervous going into the race since this was my first half ironman and I’ve never done this level of exercise before.  The race started with a 1.2 mile swim in Lake San Antonio were the water was a nice 64 degrees.  The swim is usually my least favorite part of the triathlon because people kick you and punch you (usually on accident) while fighting for position. This race I stayed toward the back of my wave and let all the fast swimmers go out in front.  Surprisingly the swim turned out to be enjoyable and and my favorite part of the race.  Transitioning from the swim to the bike took longer than I expected.  My bike shorts were already on under my wetsuit but I struggled getting my jersey on.  After two failed attempts at getting my jersey on (it’s hard to get a tight fitting jersey on a wet body) I stopped, took a few deep breaths, and finally got it on.  Running toward the bike out of the transition area I felt good and proceeded to pass quite a few people riding up the steep assent away from the lake.  The ride is fairly hilly and went around the lake.  My friend Tisha was at the top of the steepest climb on the bike course wearing the traditional pink bunny suit while banging on a giant drum.  Quite a sight to see after the streneous climb.  Going into the run I started thinking, “Uh oh…this is going to hurt…”, and it did.  I started getting into a groove around mile 6 and had to walk several times on the hilly course.  Toward the end I realized that with a little push I could meet my 6 hour goal and picked up the pace a bit.

Here’s the race details:

  • Total time: 5:58:17
  • Swim: 40:04
  • T1: 6:43
  • Bike: 3:03:30
  • T2: 3:34
  • Run: 2:04:24

Where did that put me in the 25 - 29 year old age group?


Proud to be slightly above average :-)


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Danny Rising, Jesse Englert, and Ryan Quinley at the finish

This year’s Wildflower triathlon was by far the best. This was my 4th year attending Wildflower, 3rd year racing, and 2nd year racing the Olympic distance. Meghan, Roxanne, and I drove up Friday night and ran into some of my old friends from the dorms. We ended up camping with them under this awesome huge oak tree. Tisha set us up with some VIP guest passes which allowed us to eat catered breakfast, lunch, and dinner down at the festival area. The food there was amazing. Saturday we hung out in the festival area watching Stilltime play on stage while having a few beers. We checked out the vendor booths and watched the long course and mountain bike course races for a bit. Sunday I raced the Olympic distance course which is a 1.5km open water swim in the lake, 40km bike on the road, and 10km run on road and dirt trails. The course is very challenging since the bike and run courses are both full of hills. I ended up shattering my time from last year by 13 min!

2008 2007
Overall time 2:42:17 2:55:21
Swim 27:58 30:51
Bike 1:20:33 1:25:43
Run 46:14 53:36
Overall Place 308 out of 2399 489 out of 2729
Division Place 56 out of 247 20 out of 59

Shaba, Meghan, and Roxanne are Team Xanadu!

Meghan, Roxanne, and Shaba did the Olympic course as a relay team. Shaba did the swim leg then Roxanne did the bike leg and Meghan finished with the run leg. It was Meghan and Roxanne’s first experience participating in a triathlon and they did great. All in all we had an amazing time at the Wildflower and are already looking forward to next year.

Calpoly Triathlon

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Calpoly Sprint Triathlon

Here’s Garret, Dan, and me after the Calpoly march warmup triathlon. We all did the sprint distance event which is a 700 yard swim, followed by a 14 mile bike, followed by a 5k run. I had a great time and felt pretty good the whole race. The lake water was freezing even with my wet suit. Here are my stats:

Overall time 1:38:16
Swim 17:02
Bike 46:55
Run 27:20
Overall Place 29 out of 120
Division Place 9
Sex place 23
Swim Place 50 out of 120
Bike Place 16 out of 120
Run Place 37 out of 120

St. Paddy’s Day Potluck

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Tim held his 6th annual St. Patrick’s potluck at the Ludwick community center again. It was a blast. Lot’s of good and hardy Irish foods and drink. Tom and Ryan made shirts. All in all the craic was brilliant. Above is Gena, Rox, Meghan, and I.

Scotland Photos

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From Scotland 2008

Uploaded all my photos from Scotland here. There’s probably way more than you’ll care to look at!

Above is Meghan and I with the newlyweds at Hoscote House in Scotland. Ben and Andrea had the most laid back and low stress wedding. The ceremony was at 11 followed by a catered lunch and dinner. We had a great time staying at Hoscote House and were stoked to be a part of the wedding.

Back Home

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After traveling for 26 hours we made it home last night around 10pm safely. In Edinburgh we caught the 4:15am bus to the airport for a 6:40am flight to Frankfurt. Had a 4 hour layover there before the 2pm flight to SFO. Meghan’s friend Adrian picked us up at the airport and drove to San Jose where my truck was parked. The drive back to SLO seemed to take forever!


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Jedburgh Abbey

Yesterday most of our group drove up to Edinburgh for sightseeing. Meghan and I already toured Edinburgh for two days and have one more day there this Saturday so we decided to take a day trip to the town of Jedburgh just 11 miles east of us. I’m getting used to driving in the UK now and today was no problem negotiating the roundabouts in Hawick and narrow country roads. In Jedburgh the only main attraction open this time of year is the abbey. Jedburgh abbey is one of the “finest” abbeys in Scotland and I agree because it is the most intact abbey I’ve seen so far. We toured the abbey for a few hours and saw about 4 other people the entire time. It was so nice to take our time and not feel rushed by other tourists. Afterwards we had lunch at the Carters Rest Pub. We then walked around the gardens of the house where Mary, Queen of Scots lived. Unfortunately we couldn’t tour because it doesn’t open until early March. Having some time to kill we saw an ad for a cashmire outlet and walked across town to check it out. The cashmire, while 50% off, was still way expensive. 75 pounds = about $150. To our surprise the cashmire outlet had a whiskey shop with every Scotch imaginable. They had a tasting area and the attendant was very informative about the differences between the various single malt scotches. We tried a few scotches of different age, oak barrels, and distillation. I ended up buying a bottle of Auchentoshan to bring home which the attendant said is a good introductory scotch to start with. Tasting the scotch was strikingly similar to wine tasting and the attendent mentioned he wanted to go to California with his wife to tour the wine country. I recommended Paso Robles which he had never heard of.

Hoscote House

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Hoscote House

We arrived at our lodgings for Ben and Andrea’s wedding safely late last night. Ben and Andrea met us at our B&B in Edinburgh and we went to rent my car just down the street. It was my first time driving in the UK and Ben rented a manual 6-speed Fiat for me to drive. Leaving the car rental we picked up Andrea’s little sister and boyfriend and then went to the airport to get Andrea’s parents and other little sister. Following Ben the airport was hectic. I hit at least two curbs, ran a red light (they’re super short yellow lights), and cut someone off in a roundabout while learning to shift with my left hand and drive of the left side of the road. Oh, and it was dark, pouring rain, and gusting wind. It sure was fun though!

In Scotland

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Meghan and I made safely to Scotland. The photo of is of us near Princes St. in Edinburgh with the castle in the background. Our total flight time from SFO to Heathrow to Edinburgh was about 13 and a half hours. Everything went smoothly with our flights. Our luggage made it safe and sound. In Edinburgh we took a shuttle from the airport directly to our bed and breakfast just outside of the city center. Our room wasn’t ready yet but the nice couple who owns the bed and breakfast let us leave our baggage there so we could go explore the city. We walked through Princes St. and then took and audio tour of the Castle. We were both pretty tired towards the end of our audio tour and went back to the B&B for a quick nap. Later that night we had some amazing Indian food at a restaurant just down the street from where we were staying.

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